Photography was a just an intense passion in the beginning of this journey that lead me into wildlife and micro photography for the first time. After which hard work and creativity lead to Fashion and Product Photography. Once that was attained to the fullest my passion pulled me towards Celebrity Fashion Photography and here I am now a proud Celebrity Fashion Photographer and Feroz Khan Clix is a well known Brand name in Mumbai & Bangalore for past 9 years.

Feroz Khan Clix’s services now are not only limited to Photography we expertise in all the below mentioned areas starting from Photography

  1. Fashion Photography n Product Shoots (Professional Portfolios, Catalogue, Hoardings, Online shoots, etc)
  2. We provide Models, Actor / Actresses & other Celebrities
  3. Event Management
  4. We do our own Pageant Fashion Shows under our Fashion Magazine Banner “Glamnfashion.com”
  5. We also to Designer Fashion Shows
  6. Into Fashion Designing myself with the lable ” Bloom India Fashion”

With all your love n blessing there is an on going expansion one after the other in slow and steady manner..n We ROCK!!


Your Sincerely,

Feroz Khan